Lived Experience

Lived experience is the knowledge and understanding you get when you have lived through something.  Personal stories from healthcare professionals of their lived experiences of burnout and how they survived, can help someone else who is going through it to know that they are not alone.  We are so grateful to the courage of those sharing their stories with us and we hope it will make your journey a little easier.

Lived Experienced with Marlene Lim and Joyce McSwan

This is the first of the Lived Experience Series where Marlene Lim hosts an empowering session with Joyce McSwan, discussing the value of lived experiences and how they can be used to harness new learnings, build self-awareness and maintain ongoing growth and self-development.

Dr Eugene Khoo’s Story

From a Soldier to a Chiropractor, Theologian to a Doctor, Dr Eugene Khoo knows stress and burnout all too well. Listen to Dr Eugene’s Christian faith journey, the science of prayer and his tips on coming out a winner!

Dr Loo Chen Hui’s Story

As a front-line COVID Dr there are many difficult decisions to be made! Dr Loo shares about her experience with burnout, how she keeps going and her survival tips!

Dr Ahmad Munawwar Helmi’s Story

Dr Ahmad Munawwar Helmi is the Secretary of the Islamic Medical Association Response and Relief Team (IMARET).  Here he shares his passion for serving his patients and some of his wonderful perspectives on why he does what he does on the frontline and how to cope in the face of disaster.

Dr Munisvary Uthayakumar’s Story

Dr Munisvary Uthayakumar is a General Practitioner working in Primary Health Clinic serving on the frontline of community care.  Here she shares the tough conditions of being on the frontline and her holistic tips on surviving burnout.